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Fundamentals of Management

About This Course

IThis is a compulsory Enhancement course offered in Semester 5 of Bachelor of Information Technology degree program. This course helps learning -partners to understand the basic concepts and theories of management and to know how these theories and concepts could be applied in different types of organizations in order to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Identify common factors to organizations and know how to apply them in different settings
  • Know what is management and why it is important to run organizations
  • Identify different approaches an d theories of management and know how such knowledge could be applied to achieve goals of organizations within the changing environment
  • Identify four functions of management and know how to make decisions in each of these functions efficiently and effect ively
  • Identify modern issues in management and know how to address these issues effectively
  • Your Instructor

    PhD (Hosei, Japan), MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BCom (Special) (Hons) (SJP, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), LICA, MAAT